5 Reasons You Absolutely Must Own a Pair of Hiking Sandals
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I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to spend as much time as possible outdoor these days, while the sun is shining. Now’s the time to soak up as much natural vitamin D as we can.

A good chunk of the time that means hiking outdoors. Now, I never ever sacrifice comfort for style when I’m hiking, but come on, who can wear sneakers or hiking boots in warm weather? It’s just too hot!

Luckily your selection of hiking sandals just keeps getting bigger every year and there are plenty of great choices for all kinds of outdoor activities.

1. They Have Adjustable Straps
It’s hot. Your feet swell but instead of uncomfortable friction you have Adjustable Straps. They’re a lifesaver on hot hikes! They also mean you can throw on a pair of socks if the weather cools or in the evening.

teva tirra
Teva Tirra

2. They Have Varying Degrees of Coverage & Toe Protection
If the terrain you’re hiking in is uneven and you don’t want to spend your time looking at the ground instead of the view and the loved ones you’re hiking with, you can choose a model with more coverage and toe protection. If the terrain is fairly even you can stick with less coverage and open toe models.

keen uneek

Keen Uneek

3. They’re Waterproof
It’s nice to choose trails that cross or walk in cool streams in the summer. So isn’t it great to own a waterproof hiking shoe?

teva zirra

Teva Zirra

4. They Have Sturdy Soles and Good Treads
You don’t want to feel every stick and rock on the trail or even if you do (hi barefoot runners), you don’t want to be slipping and sliding all over the place. There are many quality options with sturdy vibram outsoles.

chaco yampo

Chaco Yampo

5. They Have Support, Cushioning & Shock Resistance
These hiking sandals offer all the comforts of hiking and running shoes with good arch support, cushioning and shock resistance. Choose a sandal that is shaped somewhat like your foot for extra comfort and protection.

chaco dora

Chaco Dorra

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