Activewear Trends for the New Year
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A new year, a new active you! This year’s trend in Activewear bring improvement in quality, performance and style. We’ve gathered the 5 trends you should know and apply this season – not for sport lovers only:-)

Hygge Coziness

The Danish Hygge trend of comfort and coziness that makes you happy keeps going strong. Hygge inspired activewear includes comfy cuts, warm and fuzzy materials and features such as pockets, no-tags design and hugging collars.

Check out Under Armour’s Featherweight Fleece Slouch and Featherweight Fleece 2-in-1 for some blessed Hygge this winter.

sport Under Armour Featherweight Fleece Slouchy sport Under Armour Featherweight Fleece 2-in-1

Staying Cool

With all due respect to coziness, if you are into more intensive or calorie-burning sports activities, you’ll want to cool down quickly after an intense workout. With fabric technologies that pull perspiration away from the body so it evaporates quickly, you’ll keep cooling down the body during and after your workout.

For cooling down, try Under Armour’s Tech Pants Solid and the Nike Pro Cool Training Top.

sport Under Armour Tech Pants Solid sport Nike Pro Cool Training Top


More and more activewear designs are going seamless this year. Top brands are now using top-performance yarns, with antibacterial and irritation-free properties which make working-out and traveling comfy and, well… seamless.

For a seamless experience try Adidas by Stella McCartney Yoga seamless tank top (a gorgeous color block design) and Yummie’s Outlast two-way tank top.

sport adidas by Stella McCartney Yoga Seamless Tank Top sport Yummie Seamlessly Shaped Outlast Two-Way Tank Top


The whites and nudes rule as the simplicity in activewear trend is growing. Not for spring and summer only, but all year round, you’ll find beautiful designs in relaxing toned down colors and simple shapes (or as we like to call them – classics :).

For simplicity try Nike Pro Warm Long Sleeve Training Top and ALO’s High Waisted Goddess Leggings.

sport Nike Pro Warm Long Sleeve Training Top sport ALO High Waisted Goddess Leggings


You know how sometimes you don’t have any fitness activity scheduled, but you still want the athletic, fit look and feel? Well, this is what the Athleisure trend is all about. Activewear is now worn for leisure and travel activities for extra comfort without compromising on style.

For the Athleisure trend try Lucy Yoga Flow Pants and Lole Gateway Pants.

sport Lucy Yoga Flow Pants sport Lole Gateway Pants

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