Top Online Shopping Tips

We’ve based our review on the 3 B’s – Browsing, Buying, Bonus


We’ve evaluated the pre-buying experience – how quick and easy it is to find what you’re looking for, which searching and sorting tools are available, how wide the selection is, what product information is available, and more.


We’ve examined each site’s deal terms on purchasing, shipping, and delivery. We’ve investigated each website’s: registration process, safe payment guarantee, free shipping and refund processes, and delivery time, to ensure customer’s full satisfaction.


This section evaluates the added value each shopping site has to offer. We’ve reviewed the special services and add-ons of each site, and determined its value based on whether it: helps buyers find what they need, gives them useful suggestions, and whether it saves them time and money.

Our Top 3 Tips for Buying Shoes Online

  • Read customer reviews: most shopping sites offer a customer review section, where you can learn from other shoppers’ experiences, get feedback on size, fit, and product quality, and discover their overall satisfaction with the site.
  • Minimize the risk: with free shipping and free returns, you can order several styles you are considering. You can even get the same pair of shoes in two sizes, and decide later which one you’d like to keep, and which one you’d like to ship back.
  • Look for savings: search for site-specific savings and special offers. You can be a savvy buyer by asking to be notified via email when an item you like goes on sale.