What to pack for a summer vacation?
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What should you be wearing on your upcoming summer vacation?

Packing for a summer vacation seems like the easiest thing to do just until the moment of truth. You find yourself confused and undecided, wanting to take everything with you. And often you do.

Fret not, for here at Shopping County we are ready to give you the ultimate shopping list and packing tips for a fashionable, enjoyable and easy going summer vacation.

Tip #1: Make a Separate Clothes & Shoes List

Naturally you have an idea in your head of what clothes you want to take with you, but this part of the packing usually appears on the general “what to pack” list  as a single item by the name of “clothes & shoes”. When it’s time to actually pack, you find yourself racking the closet in search for that sarong you bought 2 years ago…

The solution: make a detailed “clothes & shoes” list. This way you’ll have a clear idea of the number of items you plan to take, and it’ll also make sure you don’t accidentally pack 5 t-shirts and no shorts. Seeing the list in front of you will also make it easier to create “mix & match” outfits on paper, to make sure you don’t over pack.

Tip #2: Keep it Light

If you think back on past vacations you’ll realize that even though you packed half your closet to go, you actually wore the same 2-3 outfits throughout the vacation, and probably stuck to the same pair of flip-flops daily.

So keep it light, take the minimum you think you’ll need. Mixing and matching is the way to go here, so pick the clothes that work well together color-wise and/or those items that transition well from day to evening.

Here are some ideas for you (click the image for more details):

Vacation Show Me Your Mumu Dress  Vacation Christin Michaels Dress  Vacation Seafolly Island Kaftan

The same thing goes for shoes: flip flops are a must if you’re planning a beach type of vacation, a thong sandal for casual traveling, a low heel sandal for the evening and a pair of sporty flats if you plan on day-long walking.

Here are some of our favorite choices (click the image for more details):

Vacation Palm Beach Navajo Flat  Vacation Havaianas Slim Flip Flops  Vacation Comfortiva Trinidad Soft Spots

Tip #3: Rely on Accessories

On vacation, much like in life itself, accessories are your best friends. If you pack more of a monochromatic wardrobe, go wild with colorful accessories. Scarves, jewelry, hats, handbags, sunglasses – they’re all small and light to carry, but they can make a big impression and keep you looking fresh and versatile.

Some hot accessories we found this season (click the images for more details):

Vacation Michael Stars Scarf  Alex and Ani Bangle  Vacation San Diego Hat Company Scarf

Enjoy your vacation and most importantly… don’t forget your swimsuit:)

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