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Sometimes you just got to be noticed, seen, heard. Statement sandals are the best way to get that much needed attention. But… just how much attention do you need? Worry not, for we have 4 levels of Look at Me sandals, so you could make the exact type of statement you want. No more, no less.

Bells & Whistles

If you want to be noticed, talked about and adored, pick a sandal that says “I’m here, color, tassels, bells, whistles and all”. Sam Edelman’s summer collection offers a range of beautifully adorned sandals. We picked the Lisabeth design which features a beautiful geometric design in small beads, and adds to it colorful pom pom embellishment. The Estelle sandal by Rebecca Minkoff just screams fun, with colorful pom poms and tassels. Black leather upper and slingback strap make this into a casual in a beautiful disguise.

statement Sam Edelman Lisabeth statement Rebecca Minkoff Estelle

Take it Down a Notch

Ok, so sometimes you want just the right amount of attention, to be close to the center, but not all there. For this purpose try one of these stylish slip on styles – Faris by Kate Spade New York, a dark denim upper with beautiful embroidery detail, or the Purfect slip on by Chinese Laundry, which beautifully combines beading and embroidery on top of brown leather. Trust us, you’ll be admired from afar when you wear one of these.

statement Kate Spade New York Faris statement Chinese Laundry Purfect

Gold & Brown

Consider these statement sandals as jewels for your feet, because that’s exactly what they are. MICHAEL by Micheal Kors’ Monterey Gladiator sandals are ravishing in gold braids and tassels. Back support and lace up closure make these gladiators as comfortable as they are beautiful. Another feet-jewelry to add to your wardrobe this season is Chinese Laundry’s Palma. They look just like a band of beautiful feet bracelets in different textures and embellishments, and the brown leather toe ring adds just the right amount of casual balance.

Statement MICHAEL Michael Kors Monterey Gladiator statement Chinese Laundry Palma

Classic with a Flair

For those of us who are not comfortable with being the center of attention… let’s take it step by step! Start with classic styles that make a more subtle statement with a little stylish flair. A good example is Cobb Hill Hannah by Rockport, a classic wedge in a toned down color that sports a lovely decorative beading on top. Closing up the list is one of our favorites, the Soludos tassel crisscross sandal, which has a sophisticated look embellished with a flirty pinkish white tassels. Perfection.

statement Rockport Cobb Hill Collection Cobb Hill Hannah statement Soludos Tassel Crisscross Sandal

Happy shopping:)

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