Top Rain Boots Brands
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Our top picks of rain boots brands for fall/winter 2017 are here!

In the list you’ll find some “usual suspects”, some “classics” and some “up and coming” brands that we loved to discover and can’t wait to wear.

Let it rain!

Hunter Boots

rain Hunter Original Short Rain Boots rain Hunter Original Back Adjustable Rain Boots

Ever the classic rain boot, Hunter Boots keep delivering beautiful classy designs. We went for the tried and tested Hunter Original Short Rain Boots and the Back Adjustable Rain Boots. The Short style is a long time favorite of ours because it exactly the right length, stylish and versatile. You can pick from a wide array of 15 different beautiful colors, and the moment of choice is a hard one! The Hunter Adjustable Back style is perfect if you have a wider calf. Despite the fact the back strap is adjustable, you need to make sure you look at the exact measurements when you order so that you have enough room but not too much.

Bogs Boots

rain Bogs Winterberry Classic rain Bogs Seattle Solid

We love what Bogs are doing to rain boots this year. Comfort and durability are key traits of the brand’s styles. Our picks for the list are the Bogs Winterberry Classic and the Bogs Seattle Solids. Naturally 100% waterproof, the Winterberry rain boots put up a good fight to any amount of mud you can encounter. The top part’s design is too beautiful to get dirty, but we did it anyway and lived to tell! The Bogs Seattle Solids style has a durable rubber upper that helps you pull the boot on and off easily. These boots are durable, waterproof and lightweight, which makes them comfortable and practical for any rainy day.

Bernardo Boots

rain Bernardo Zain Rain rain Bernardo Zip Rain

Bernardo’s rain boots design are a perfect mix of seriousness and playfulness. It’s enough to take one look at the Zain Rain and the Zip Rain designs to understand these are not shoes you see everyday! The Bernardo Zain Rain combine a PVC upper with a soft plushy shearling, and the result is the ultimate proof that opposites attract. The Zip Rain style is a pull on design with a side zipper and elastic panels. The thing that attracted our eye the most with the Zip Rain, is the wonderful color combos it features – grey and brown, black and red and the trendy yellow and grey are simply irresistible.

Kamik Boots

rain Kamik Jennifer rain Kamik Heidi

The chic Kamik Jennifer boots are another classic favorite of ours. They just make us feel like we’re walking on wet grass across England’s fields of green when we wear them. It also helps that they’re lightweight, waterproof and beautifully designed. Another favorite by Kamik is the Heidi boots model, and we especially love the dewberry purple color that shines afar and does a great job at keeping our feet dry.

Sorel Boots

rain SOREL Out 'N About Rain rain SOREL Emelie Lace Premium

Sorel boots are always a treat! You’ve probably heard us go on and on before about the Out n About Leather series, and we were thrilled to find the rain boot version of this design. The Out n About rain boots are comfy, stylish and waterproof, keeping you warm, dry and looking good. On a whole other note and for a whole other look, we loved the Emelie Lace Premium by Sorel which do not look like your usual rain boot, but surprise, surprise!! A waterproof combo of leather, suede and secured lace up construction make the Emelie the perfect boot for a stylish rainy day.

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